• An exceptional approach for
    exceptional investors.

    Leaving the herd has its benefits.

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  • There’s opportunity in simplicity.

    Investing is not easy, but it should not be made complex.

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  • Talent. Redirected.

    It’s time to leave old-school Wall Street behind.

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  • A Nobel Prize, well-earned.

    A new awakening is occurring among serious investors worldwide.

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Created with Sketch. THE FAILURE OF TRADITIONAL INVESTING 2,758 STOCK FUNDS 2001 43 % SURVIVE 2015 17 % BEAT APPROPRIATE BENCHMARK INDEX ONLY Source: The US Mutual Fund Landscape, Dimensional Fund Advisors
Knowledge, confidence, discipline.

By sharing our knowledge of modern investing principles with you, and by aligning those principles with your personal goals and aspirations, we help you develop the confidence and discipline necessary to achieve superior results through all market cycles.

Allow us to show you how.

Our Team

Equius is among the first financial planning and investment advisory firms to adopt a fully indexed, asset class investing strategy for our clients’ portfolios.

​Our team has over 23 years of experience working with exceptional mutual fund managers like Dimensional Fund Advisors and learning from outstanding academics such as Eugene Fama, Ken French, William Sharpe, Robert Merton, and Daniel Kahneman, among others.

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Is Equius right for me?

Equius clients include educators, physicians, attorneys, business owners, and retirees. Some have modest income and wealth. Others have more. They are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters; trustees, charities, 401(k) plans, foundations, and endowments.

They are serious investors with open minds and an abundance of intellectual curiosity, and they live in all areas of this incredible country and beyond.

Most have experienced the false promise of stock picking and market timing multiple times and in various ways—and now understand there’s a better alternative.

All want a trusted advisor, greater peace-of-mind, full transparency and accountability, and a superior wealth management relationship.

And all are exceptional.

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Created with Sketch. Rex Sinquefield Co-founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors “The world would be so much better off if everyone fully understood the implications of the idea that markets work.”