Jeff Troutner, Appointed to the Executive Committee Representing the Americas, GAIA

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At Equius Partners we are proud of our involvement with likeminded professional organizations and of being recognized as thought leaders by our peers. It is a meaningful affirmation that we are continuing to do right for our community as well as for our clients.

Recently, one of our founding partners, Jeff Troutner, was elected to the Executive Committee representing the Americas by the Global Association of Independent Advisors GAIA is an international association focused on increasing rigorous fiduciary standards for investment advisors, well beyond that required of any licensing organization. We know Jeff’s leadership will help others around the world better serve their clients’ needs. Well done, Jeff!

Another membership organization we are proud to affiliate with is the Center for Fiduciary Excellence, or CEFEX, https://www.cefex.orgCEFEX is the gold standard for fiduciaries. Member firms like Equius Partners agree to an annual audit and ongoing oversight by independent financial experts to ensure strict adherence to the highest levels of professional excellence and top-down corporate integrity.

Being your fiduciary means we place your interests well before our own. This principle is a cornerstone at Equius and one that has guided our very existence since the founding of the firm almost 30 years ago. As the industry catches up, we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards and we now help set new benchmarks for professionalism and integrity for our peers.

Prior to founding Equius Partners, Jeff Troutner was the owner of TAM Asset Management and since 1993 is the primary writer, publisher, and editor of the Asset Class newsletter. Asset Class has been available online since 1996 and enjoys a well-respected global reputation among individual investors and investment advisors. Jeff has been a visionary in portfolio design, investor behavior, and financial communication through data visualization, as well as a passionate speaker on subjects ranging from financial elder abuse to fiduciary responsibility and modern portfolio principles.

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